Gorilla Cafe's League of Legends

Thank you to everyone who participated in our League of Legends 1v1 Round Robin Tournament! Our winners for this one is Brandon in first place and Morgan who won second!

Winners for the 1v1 League of Legends Tournament
1v1 League of Legends Tournament

LAN Center



PC Rate
No Membership $4 Per Hour
Membership $3 Per Hour

Prepaid Options
$25 = 8hrs + Free 2hrs = 10hrs (save $5)
$50= 17 hrs + 5 hrs = 22hrs (save $16)
$100= 34 hrs + 12 hrs = 46 hrs (save $38)
$400= One Month Free

PC Specs

CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge i7-2600k
VGA: GTX 570 HD Superclocked
RAM: G.Skill 16 GB
Monitor: Samsung 24"
Mouse: Logitech G1
Internet Speed: COX Fiber Optic Internet 100MB
Keyboard: G Keyboard II

Playstation 3

Playstation 3 Rates

Group Play $6.00 Per Hour Per Display
Solo Play $3.00 Per Hour

Other PS3 Games:
Madden 25
PES 2014
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Grand Theft Auto 5
Street Fighter X Tekken
Battlefield 3



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1v1 League of Legends Tournament

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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