August 9, 2017

Billiards Tournament Winners

1st Place - Meno
2nd Place - Phil




Pool Table (4)

$9 Per Hour

Carom Table (5)

$12 Per Hour

Billiards Table (6)

$12 Per Hour

Every Sunday at 8pm we host a tournament for 3 Ball Cushion Billiards where every winner gets a prize. Come on down and show us your best game. Visit our Tournaments Page for rules and more information. Like our Facebook page to keep updated with additional tournaments.


How To Play

Three-cushion billiards is sometimes called three-cushion carom. The object is to carom off both object balls with at least three rail cushions being contacted before the contact of the cue ball with the second object ball.

Sound a little confusing? That's ok because Donald Duck will explain it better. Click on this video to learn everything you need to know about the game.

Knowing how to play this game will help you dramatically improve your pool skills as well. Make sure you check it out!


Billiards Tournaments Rules

Billiards Tournament starts at 7pm every Wednesday
Every match will be up to 25 points
Entrance fee is $25
Everyone will be randomly seated
There must be at least 6 people
All billiards players are required to listen to judges
The winner will receive a Gorilla shirt
5 time winners will receive $100, 10 time winners will receive $200
All billiards players have the right to receive or refuse handicap points
Everytime a billiards player wins 3 tournaments, they will lose 1 handicap point
Any play will be disqualified if there is any profanity or fighting
All games must be played and splitting prize money is not allowed
All players in the billiards tournament are NOT allowed to play any other games